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Black Lotus

Black Lotus

Recently I’ve been having quite a cull of the games I’ve bought over the years and the initial thought was that I was going to get out of gaming altogether.

This decision had come about from a few factors, being a bit burnt out gaming wise, not having a car so getting difficult to get to a game night, a bit of decision paralysis from having way too many games, and a couple of other things.

Whilst going through the garage and listing things on ebay though I’ve decided that rather than get rid of everything I’ll trim it right down to the basics.

I’m going to be keeping some Kill Team and Warcry bands, Magic: The Gathering, Arkham Horror LCG, and my D&D books – mainly things that are really portable and don’t take hours to play.

I’m also keeping my WH40K and Age of Sigmar rule books with the idea of returning to them, but a box at a time, build and paint before anything else and try and get things I can use in Kill Team and Warcry.

The Arkham Horror is so I can have a solo game now and again that’s not computer based and I’ve always loved the Lovecraft theme.

MTG has a couple of places locally that play them now and both are on the walk home from work (once we get back to all that) and was one of the earliest games that wasn’t GW owned that I loved.

So after being quite down about things this seems a positive move

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