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Feast of Bones

For a while now I’ve been trying to decide what I wanted to collect and play in Age of Sigmar and been gradually selling off all my bits and pieces of Order and Chaos, concentrating on the Death faction.

This decision was solidified when Nighthaunt came out and I bought in big time, but with the release of Feast of Bones my Ogors will also be coming out of being mothballed.

But first the Ossiarch Bonereapers for me round out my Death faction wonderfully, tough to kill and very resilient to battleshock, a Death Soup looks very appealing right now.

I’m looking forward to their characters, they look amazing!

That’s a lot of Flesh-Eater Courts, Nighthaunt, and soon, Ossiarch Bonereapers, may have to have an all day battle against someone, and even get Nagash built.

The big thing though is that Beast Claw Raiders and Gutbusters are coming together as Maw Tribes, with a brilliant new Tyrant. I can only hope that some of the models that are still in resin will get a new release in plastic, maybe with a bit of an update to their aesthetics (cough Yhetees and Frost Sabres).

The big task of rebasing my Mournfang and Ogors will now have to be sped up, just a touch as I’m still not getting any games in.

The other question is do I want to keep my masses of Boar Boys and Spiderfang Grots to have access to a big, mobile Destruction army as well?

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