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Kicking things off

This is a new project which is picking up on several threads in other areas and putting them all together in one clear site.

Events, clubs, stores and players. There will be information for each in this one place, hopefully clear and easy to access, building up a worldwide network of people who play all types of board games, miniature games and more.

There will be regular listings for events of all types with focused newsletters to keep people up to date.

There will be a Google Map of players, clubs and stores with information on each; such as, opening times, websites, games played and stocked.

There will eventually be in-depth articles on different stores and clubs. Tournament and event reports and more as I develop the site.

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Regionals

Fantasy Flight
Fantasy Flight

It’s that time of year again, Esdevium has just announced the venues for this year’s Star Wars Regionals. This includes; X-Wing, Armada, Destiny, Imperial Assault, and The Living Card Game.

The event posts will start going on the site tonight, but why not pop over to Esdevium’s site for more information.


Skyward Fire Games, Lowestoft, UK


Skyward Fire Games
Skyward Fire Games
A new gaming store (August 2017) in Lowestoft with what looks like a lot of gaming space in it.

Sales look to be focused on Collectible Card Games and Board Games, but there could be more there that I couldn’t see in the pictures on their website and Facebook page.

Looks clean and comfortable with plenty of space and nice tables.

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